Arab Banker


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رقم التسجيلة 22727
نوع المادة Serial / Periodical
الموقع الالكتروني
رقم الطلب PER ARA
العنوان Arab Banker
بيانات النشر London, [UNITED KINGDOM]: Arab Bankers Association, 2002-2009.
الوصف المادي v
المستخلص The Arab Banker is aimed at financial sector professionals who either work for Middle East banks or conduct business with them. The editorial content includes features on banks and banking systems, interviews with senior bankers, and articles on broader financial markets that are relevant to Middle East finance (real estate finance, for example). The final pages of the magazine are devoted to cultural activities that are likely to be of interest to those involved with the Middle East.
المواضيع Banks and Banking

الواصفات BANKING

الأسماء المرتبطة Arab Bankers Association

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0227270009 PER ARA
22,,2,1 Winter 2009/10 سليمة
0227270008 PER ARA
22,,1,1 Spring 2009 سليمة
0227270011 PER ARA
21,,3,4,1 غير متوفرة
0227270010 PER ARA
21,,1,2,1 غير متوفرة
0227270007 PER ARA
20,,3,4,1 Autumn 2007 سليمة
0227270006 PER ARA
20,,1,2,1 Autumn/Winter 2006 سليمة
0227270005 PER ARA
19,,3,4,1 Winter/Spring 2006 سليمة
0227270012 PER ARA
19,,1,2,1 غير متوفرة
0227270004 PER ARA
18,,3,4,1 Summer 2004 سليمة
0227270003 PER ARA
18,,1,2,1 Autumn 2003 سليمة
0227270002 PER ARA
17,,3,4,1 Spring 2003 سليمة
0227270001 PER ARA
17,,1,2,1 Autumn 2002 سليمة

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